2024: The year to accept digital currencies in your business

Several Bitcoin ETFs approval and the impending Halving represent a unique opportunity to accept digital currencies in your business this year.
Sabrina Bonini Content Specialist
Sabina Bonini
Content Specialist

As we move into 2024, the digital financial landscape for the world’s traders, and especially those in LATAM, is about to be radically transformed.

Thanks to the approval of several Bitcoin ETFs earlier this year and the impending Bitcoin Halving, it represents a unique opportunity. It is the ideal time for traders to adapt, innovate and thrive in the era of digital currencies.

Bitcoin ETFs Approval

The recent approval of 11 Bitcoin ETFs by the SEC marks a turning point for the leading digital currency. Reputable asset managers such as ARK, Grayscale and Blackrock are leading this new front. They offer a regulated and accessible way for investors to incorporate Bitcoin into their portfolios through conventional brokers.

This development promises to simplify and secure Bitcoin investments, attracting a broader and more diversified investor and user base into the digital currency ecosystem. This would also favor merchants who accept Bitcoin payments in their businesses.

Bitcoin halving

The Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April 2024, is another crucial event that is expected to have a significant impact on the price and demand for Bitcoin. By halving mining rewards, substantial increases in the value of Bitcoin are anticipated.

The main purpose behind Bitcoin Halving is to control the supply of this digital currency, turning it into a deflationary asset. This is similar to what happens with gold and other precious metals, where a limited supply can boost its value.

Companies are now accepting digital currency payments

More than ever, businesses from different sectors are opting to accept digital currencies, especially Bitcoin, as a means of processing payments. They do so to provide an alternative option for their customers.

For merchants in LATAM, 2024 presents a fertile ground for innovation and growth. In countries like El Salvador, where Bitcoin has been legal tender since 2021, the potential is multiplied.

Bitcoin, powered by Lightning Network technology, offers solutions to critical challenges faced by merchants. It reduces fees and delays, prevents chargebacks, and enhances financial access.

The integration of digital currencies like Bitcoin into businesses is unlocking new opportunities. Moreover, it is improving efficiency and expanding the reach of merchants.

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Advantages of accepting digital currencies in your business

Adopting Bitcoin as a means of payment is a smart strategy that opens up a range of opportunities for merchants. For sectors such as travel agencies, hospitality, ticketing, and cross-border microtransactions, it can be particularly beneficial. Let’s take a look at some of these advantages:


Traditional payment systems often come with high fees and slow processing times. Bitcoin, through the Lightning Network, promises faster and more cost-effective transactions.


Bitcoin is a global digital currency that transcends geographical borders. This facilitates merchants’ access to international customers.


In regions with high banking exclusion, Bitcoin offers an accessible alternative to participate in the digital economy.


Bitcoin and blockchain technology offer a level of security and transparency that traditional payment systems cannot match.

ElenPAY facilitates the adoption of digital currencies

ElenPAY positions itself as an optimal solution for merchants interested in integrating digital currencies like Bitcoin into their operations. The Lightning Network technology facilitates instant transactions at low costs, thus addressing significant challenges of digital payments.

ElenPAY is designed to seamlessly integrate into existing payment systems. This allows merchants to accept Bitcoin easily without disrupting their daily operations.

By offering payments in Bitcoin, they can provide their customers with a more modern and flexible experience, adapting to their preferences and needs.

Preparing your business for the future of payments

As a merchant, preparing for 2024 means exploring and adopting innovative payment technologies like ElenPAY. As we approach the Bitcoin Halving and observe the impact of ETFs, it is crucial to be at the forefront of digital financial trends.

Businesses that anticipate these changes position themselves to seize the opportunities that these events will bring. They also establish themselves as leaders in the adoption of digital currencies in their respective sectors.

If you do not yet accept Bitcoin in your business and are interested in learning more, request an ElenPAY personalized demo.

Discover how accepting payments in Bitcoin can be the transformative element that propels your business to the forefront of financial innovation.






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