Bet on Ceuta 2024 Conference summary

Bet on Ceuta 2024 conference marked our first participation as a main sponsor through ElenPAY.
Sabrina Bonini Content Specialist
Sabrina Bonini
Content Specialist

Ceuta shined as the venue for the “Bet on Ceuta” conference on April 17 and 18.

This Mediterranean city has established itself as a crucial capital for the iGaming industry at European and global level. And it has achieved this after overcoming significant challenges such as the Covid restrictions and taking advantage of the Brexit opportunities,

With the backing of the Chamber of Commerce and the local government, the city is looking to become a focus for start-ups and technology companies beyond iGaming. The “Bet on Ceuta” conferences are key to catalyzing this development, attracting new projects and talent to the strategic enclave that Ceuta represents today.

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A memorable reception at the Bet on Ceuta conference

The start of Bet on Ceuta was marked by an elegant welcome cocktail in the natural setting of the Parque Marítimo del Mediterráneo. It was courtesy of the “El Cielo” Terrace of the Ceuta Casino. This unique atmosphere created the ideal setting to connect with more than 140 participants from the peninsula and abroad.

JDigital, an association committed to promoting safe and responsible practices in online gaming, stood out. Also the team of Asensi Abogados, who play a crucial role in strengthening Ceuta as a central hub of the iGaming industry.

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Bet on Ceuta 2024 Conference: The future of iGaming

The second day of the event took place in the emblematic Auditorio del Revellín. It was here that experts and industry leaders gathered for a series of conferences and panel discussions.

The President of the Autonomous City of Ceuta, Juan Vivas, opened the session with an emotional speech. He underlined the transformation of Ceuta into a national benchmark for the online gaming industry. It has been a joint effort of the local government and the Government of Spain to adapt the legislation to the new needs of the sector.

This day was marked by the depth and variety of the topics discussed. Legal experts, including the renowned team of Asensi Abogados, analyzed recent Supreme Court rulings and their impact on gambling legislation. They emphasized the importance of maintaining a fair balance between consumer protection and the growth of the sector.

Giacomo Collini Kissy Chandiramani Juan Vivas jornadas Bet on Ceuta
Kissy Chandiramani, Minister of Hacienda (left), Juan Vivas, President of the Autonomous City of Ceuta (center), and Giacomo Collini, CEO of Clovr Labs (right).

Vital aspects such as labor market trends in Ceuta were explored, presented by Juan Pablo Riesgo of EY Insights. Innovations in digital services were also discussed at length by representatives of the Chamber of Commerce.

Our CEO, Giacomo Collini, highlighted in his presentation the new opportunities offered by cryptocurrency-based solutions. By effectively and safely merging the world of gaming with cryptocurrencies, regulated operators can innovate with confidence.

Fighting digital fraud as a key commitment

Digital fraud was one of the critical issues during the conference. It highlighted the generalized concern about the increase in scams and the urgency to establish robust measures to protect users. This problem shows the imperative need for security and transparency in digital transactions, an area where ElenPAY has shown its value.

Our platform was exceptionally well received, not only because of its advanced technology. ElenPAY addresses the specific challenges of the iGaming and cryptocurrency sector-two areas often misunderstood and pre-judged.

This intervention, along with InfoPlay’s exclusive coverage, highlighted how cryptocurrencies can reshape the online payments landscape. Likewise, they offer opportunities for regulated operators by promoting a more secure environment without neglecting innovation.

The day concluded with remarks from the Minister of Hacienda, Kissy Chandiramani. Kissy reaffirmed Ceuta’s role as an epicenter of digital innovation, highlighting how the event has further consolidated this vision.

panel crypto igaming bet on ceuta
Cristina Murgas, Director of Financial Communications at QUUM and ElenPAY (left), Jorge Hinojosa, CEO of JDigital (center), and Giacomo Collini, CEO of Clover Labs (right).

ElenPAY: Innovation and security for regulated iGaming

Clovr Labs, our consulting firm specializing in technology solutions, is at the forefront of innovation with ElenPAY. Our advanced payment processor employs Bitcoin Lightning technology for enhanced user experience and scalability. We are committed to strengthening the iGaming sector by offering state-of-the-art, secure and fully regulated payment methods.

We want regulated operators to take the lead in the market. We collaborate with governments and regulators to ensure the safe and effective advancement of cryptocurrencies in the iGaming industry.

We are deeply grateful for the warm reception and support from the organizers, the Government of Ceuta and all participants. This event has been an extraordinary platform to demonstrate the positive impact of our solutions.

Discover how ElenPAY can transform payments in your iGaming business. Don’t hesitate to request a personalized demo today.

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