Case Study: ElenPAY at BTC Prague 2024

ElenPAY is once again the official payment processor of BTC Prague, Europe’s largest conference dedicated to Bitcoin.
Sabrina Bonini Content Specialist
Sabrina Bonini
Content Specialist

From June 13 to 15, the Czech capital hosted the second edition of BTC Prague. This renowned conference was attended by leading figures such as Michael Saylor, Adam Back, Jack Mallers, Giacomo Zucco and Jimmy Song.

Our Bitcoin payment processor, ElenPAY, was effortlessly integrated into the event’s POS thanks to our online payment solution.

Once again, the conference was a resounding success. We highlighted remarkable achievements in terms of transaction volume, efficiency and uptime. Once again, ElenPAY consolidates its position as a leader in Bitcoin payment processing.

BTC Praga
Picture Credit: BTC Prague 2024

About BTC Prague

BTC Prague is an annual Bitcoin conference and exhibition held in Prague, Czech Republic. Considered one of the most important Bitcoin events in Europe, it brings together a diverse community of Bitcoin enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, researchers and experts.

In its second edition, the event featured a variety of highlights:

  • Conference: a three-day program with more than 100 speakers. Various aspects of Bitcoin were addressed, including its evolution, mining, security, education and adoption.
  • Exhibition: An exhibition area with more than 100 companies showcasing their Bitcoin-related products and services. They provided attendees with opportunities to network and learn about the latest developments in the industry.
  • Networking: Both inside and outside the conference, BTC Prague offered countless opportunities to connect with other industry professionals and experts. Bridges were built and connections strengthened within the European Bitcoin space.
ElenPAY en BTC Praga
ElenPAY team at the booth in the exhibition hall of BTC Prague 2024

ElenPAY in BTC Prague

The main goal of BTC Prague is to foster a community of Bitcoin enthusiasts, provide a platform for knowledge sharing and promote the adoption of this cryptocurrency.

To support the conference organizers, ElenPAY had a prominent presence. We offered payment processing solutions for 15 merchants in a simple, fast and efficient way.

In addition, we had our own space in the exhibition area. From there, we provided information and education on payment processing with Bitcoin Lightning – but we also provided entertainment! Attendees were able to participate in a race of electric-powered miniature cars powered by Bitcoin Lightning. Winners of the races could win prizes in a spinning game, in partnership with BitMaker and Jolt Rewards.

Finally, ElenPAY was represented at a panel discussion where our Lead Lightning Engineer, José Antonio Pérez Jiménez, discussed the advantages of the Lightning Network. This is the second layer Bitcoin network that ElenPAY uses to process fast and inexpensive transactions.

Bitcoin Lightning-powered electric-powered miniature cars and prize roulette in collaboration with BitMaker and Jolt Rewards.

Collaboration results

This year we were able to surpass last year’s number of transactions and sales volume. This is a clear sign of the growing adoption of Lightning Network solutions among attendees and participants.

Let’s take a closer look at the results of payment processing at this edition of BTC Prague:

📈 Increased BTC volume processed: during the conference, ElenPAY processed 0.62 BTC (€38,946) compared to 1.37 BTC (€32,653) last year. Although the volume of BTC was higher in 2023, the higher exchange rate this year increased the value in euros.

Fast and numerous transactions: the payment platform facilitated almost 6,000 transactions, 40% more than last year. This figure highlights the ease and efficiency of ElenPAY’s infrastructure to handle a large volume of transactions smoothly and efficiently.

🗣️ Positive Feedback: Both attendees and merchants who used our POS gave us very positive feedback. They emphasized that it “just works” and that it “worked at the speed of light”. This demonstrates the technical soundness of ElenPAY and the Lightning Network as a payment system.

ElenPAY confirmación de pago
ElenPAY payment confirmation in BTC Prague

Integrate Bitcoin payments with ElenPAY

Technology and innovation can transform business transactions. ElenPAY’s success story at BTC Prague is a clear testament to this. Processing Bitcoin payments efficiently, quickly and securely is possible.

If you are thinking of implementing Bitcoin payments in your business, ElenPAY is the solution. Bitcoin can propel your company to the forefront of technology and prepare you to lead and shape future market trends.

Want to learn more? Request a personalized demo with our ElenPAY team. Take the first step into the future of business transactions.






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