ElenPAY: the payment solution for Dubai’s first Bitcoin event

Discover how ElenPAY’s payment solution integrated easily and quickly with the systems of Dubai’s first Bitcoin event.
Sabrina Bonini Content Specialist
Sabrina Bonini
Content Specialist

About the client: Bitcoin Oasis

In the heart of Dubai, the Bitcoin Oasis event emerged as a ‘Bitcoin-only’ summit. A first in the region, it brought together a vibrant community of Bitcoin enthusiasts, experts and novices.

An inner circle of global leaders, private sector and government bodies gathered in Dubai to discuss the transformative potential of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Oasis was looking for a payment solution that aligned with its innovative vision. It was also important that it could handle Bitcoin transactions efficiently, quickly and securely in a dynamic environment.

ElenPAY aligned perfectly with their disruptive vision and its ability to handle Bitcoin transactions thanks to Bitcoin Lightning technology.

solución de pago Bitcoin Oasis
«Collaborating with ElenPay for our payment services proved to be an excellent choice. Their exceptional support and advice during the preparations, together with the smooth payment processing during the conference, far exceeded our expectations. We are very satisfied with this fruitful collaboration.»
Lara Eggimann
Co-founder of the Bitcoin Association UAE

The opportunity

Cryptocurrency adoption is on the rise, but its integration into events and conferences as a payment solution remains a challenge. This is due to concerns about volatility, technical complexity, and security.

Bitcoin Oasis set out to break down these barriers by offering a smooth and secure Bitcoin payment experience for its attendees.

This step would facilitate transactions and also expand its reach to a global audience. Additionally, it would avoid the limitations imposed by fiat currencies and traditional payment systems.

The payment solution from ElenPAY

ElenPAY emerged as the ideal payment solution with its advanced Bitcoin payment processing technology. Using the Lightning Network, it offered instant, secure transactions with very low fees.

ElenPAY’s APIs and POS allowed seamless and quick integration with the event systems. It served as the payment solution for both ticketing and food and beverage sales areas at Bitcoin Oasis. This enabled Bitcoin Oasis to have a complete back office for payment management, settlements, and treasury management for the entire event.

Furthermore, ElenPAY’s innovative Nodeguard tool not only ensured fast, cost-effective, and chargeback-free transactions but also raised security to new standards.

With Nodeguard, funds were kept protected through cutting-edge technology, ensuring complete peace of mind in every operation.

“I was very happy with how easy and quick the transaction was. My previous encounters with POS Lightning have not been the best, so I decided to manage my own node. However, ElenPAY made me change my perspective. I look forward to seeing ElenPAY POS available in every store I come across.”
Jake M.
ElenPAY user at Bitcoin Oasis

The outcome

The event spanned three days full of activities at various locations, including the luxurious Grand Hayat Dubai and an exclusive yacht party. ElenPAY processed a total of 58 transactions, handling a significant volume of 0.828072 BTC.

This demonstrated ElenPAY’s ability to facilitate seamless and instant payments in a high-demand environment. It also reinforced its position as a leading Bitcoin payment solution for large-scale events.

The collaboration with Joltz Rewards added a touch of gamification to the event with a prize roulette. This partnership allowed each participant to have their first hands-on with a Bitcoin Lightning wallet. The interaction with the ElenPAY POS was much more intuitive and encouraged its use, especially in the food and beverage areas.

Ruleta Joltz ElenPAY

The roulette spin offered not only fractions of Bitcoin, but also unique physical prizes. Among the prizes were tickets to other Bitcoin ecosystem events such as BTC Prague, where they also rely on ElenPAY as a payment solution.

This strategy enriched the user experience and demonstrated ElenPAY’s ability to create memorable and interactive moments. In addition, it showed its commitment to continue supporting the community and push for greater Bitcoin adoption.

ElenPAY redefined event payment expectations, setting a new standard for Bitcoin payment solutions in the industry. Its success at Bitcoin Oasis is irrefutable proof of its efficiency, security and ability to innovate.

ElenPAY, the future payment solution

ElenPAY’s Bitcoin Oasis experience is a testament to how technology and innovation can transform commercial transactions.

Processing Bitcoin payments offers solutions that are not only efficient and secure, but also inclusive and accessible to a global and innovative audience.

Choosing ElenPAY as your business payment solution, regardless of industry, means embracing the cutting edge of technology. It prepares you to lead and shape future market trends.

Want to find out more? Request a personalized demo and take the first step into the future of business transactions.






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