Most common challenges when implementing cryptocurrencies in iGaming

Discover how to implement cryptocurrencies in iGaming while ensuring regulatory compliance, user experience and financial stability.
Sabrina Bonini Content Specialist
Sabrina Bonini
Content Specialist

In the last decade, the iGaming industry has experienced an unprecedented digital revolution, with new payment methods leading this transformation.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies is opening up new avenues for faster, safer and more transparent transactions. They promise a considerable improvement in the experience for both operators and players. However, implementing cryptocurrencies in iGaming poses a number of challenges and concerns.

The main obstacle is not technological, but one of trust and knowledge. Many regulated iGaming operators are still hesitant to integrate cryptocurrencies into their platforms due to concerns about volatility, user experience and, most importantly, regulation.

However, these concerns can be mitigated considerably through strategic and well-informed implementation.

implementar criptomonedas en iGaming

Regulatory compliance when deploying cryptocurrencies in iGaming

One of the most complex challenges when implementing cryptocurrencies in iGaming is the correct interpretation and application of legal and regulatory standards.

Often, there is a misperception that regulations do not allow the use of cryptocurrencies in a legal and regulated manner. However, with the right strategy, it is entirely viable.

How to approach it:

Thorough research: It is essential to conduct a detailed analysis of the regulations applicable in each market where you operate. This includes not only cryptocurrency-specific guidelines, but also general iGaming regulations.

Consult with experts: Collaborating with specialized legal advisors as well as a responsible crypto payment processor is crucial. They can offer valuable guidance on how to navigate the regulatory landscape while maintaining compliance in all aspects.

Promoting transparency: Adopt operational practices that promote transparency and accountability. Conducting frequent audits and publishing reports can strengthen both regulators’ and customers’ confidence in the platform.

Optimizing user experience and support

Adapting an iGaming business to accept cryptocurrencies not only involves technical changes, but also ensuring that the user experience is satisfactory.

User support and the use of intuitive, user-friendly interfaces becomes a critical component.

How to improve it:

Intuitive interface: The key to good cryptocurrency adoption is a clear and easy-to-navigate user interface. Platforms should be designed with accessibility in mind. Make sure that users of all skill levels can operate smoothly.

Dedicated support: Providing robust and knowledgeable customer support is essential. The support team should be equipped to handle specific cryptocurrency queries. This includes transactions, security and any potential technical issues.

User education: Providing educational resources, such as tutorials and FAQs on cryptocurrencies, can help demystify their use. It also fosters greater acceptance and trust among users.

Managing price volatility in cryptocurrencies

Volatility in cryptocurrency prices is well known and can represent a significant risk for iGaming operators.

However, there are effective strategies that can minimize this risk and ensure financial stability.

How to mitigate volatility:

Hedging: One of the most effective ways to manage volatility is through hedging strategies. Using financial instruments such as futures and options can help fix prices and protect against adverse market movements.

Fiat reserve accounts: Keeping a reserve in fiat currency that can offset fluctuations in the value of cryptocurrencies is another prudent strategy. This ensures that even if the value of the cryptocurrency falls, the necessary funds are available in another form.

ElenPAY makes it easy to deploy cryptocurrencies in iGaming

ElenPAY, Clovr Labs’ payment platform, offers a comprehensive solution for implementing cryptocurrencies in iGaming.

It works as an exchange, processing transactions in Bitcoin through the Lightning network. Final settlements are made in fiat currency in operators’ bank accounts, thus complying with regulations.

In addition, ElenPAY includes an advanced analytics platform for traceability and money laundering prevention, along with hedging services that protect against price volatility.

Its API and custom widget enable simple and fast integration, providing a complete back and front office for payments and treasury management.

With ElenPAY, iGaming operators can innovate their payment methods and attract a broader user base while ensuring maximum usability, regulatory compliance and financial stability.

If you are not yet accepting Bitcoin in your business and are interested in doing so, request a personalized demo of ElenPAY.






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