The 5 “why” of the Lightning Network VS on-chain transactions

Explore the ‘why’ behind Lightning Network versus on-chain transactions as we unravel the key factors shaping the future of Bitcoin scalability.
Josep León
Product Manager
Connected people

Imagine that you are traveling with friends and instead of calculating every time you incur a group expense (i.g.: a restaurant bill, petrol, …) one of the members randomly pays it and writes it down on a piece of paper (could also be an expenses splitting app). There is a trust relationship between the friends as it happens on the Lightning Network between channels. Eventually, you are sure you will get paid at some point. At the end of the trip, you can add all the expenses and divide them by the number of people involved, getting the final balance everyone owns or needs to be returned.

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The 5 “why” of the Lightning Network VS on-chain transactions

Going back to the friends’ trip and the example of cost-sharing…​



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