The Crypto Technocrat: Giacomo Collini

Giacomo Collini, Clovr Labs’ founder and Managing Director, reflects on their decade-long journey in the crypto world. He asserts that technology, not financial instruments, is the true driver of the crypto market cap, aligning with Elenpay’s mission for a global, free, and cost-neutral payment network in a multipolar economy.
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Giacomo Collini
Managing Director
Giacomo Collini Elenpay

Most of the time it is really downhearting to listen to self defined crypto financial experts talk about economy and finance theory and how Bitcoin is a much better alternative than central banks. Being from Florence, Italy I have really clear the role of banks into getting us out of feudalism and into Renaissance. Of course institutions, like the humans that run them, are never perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can completely ignore history, data and science. Anyway, anybody is entitled to their own opinion and in general the whole economy and finance debate in crypto is totally non enticing to me: a financial instrument won’t produce any tangible change to the vast majority of the world population and it won’t help with improving productivity. The whole debate is totally void of any value, and it seems to me it only serves the purpose of selling some books and to get to the main stage at conferences. 

The real value of crypto, which is often missed entirely by its detractors, is the underlying technology: distributed computing, asset tokenization, privacy enhancement and most importantly: the dream of establishing an open source, distributed layer than can set the foundation for a global, cheap, instantaneous, private payment network ( take that hodlers, we want you to spend your precious coins!). Such a network will help with removing friction from moving money globally, helping established, growing economies, as well as those not served by the banking industry. Technology is the real driver of crypto market cap….with some speculation on top. 

A globalized world with a true multipolar economy NEEDS a framework which is not in control of an oligopoly, such as VISA and Mastercard. These companies did a great job to get us here, but the market really needs a global, free, independent, cost neutral payment network. And helping with this vision, is the mission of Elenpay.






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